Unusual Jobs

There are certainly some unusual jobs in the world!  Here's just a few... Professional Sleeper A Finnish hotel hired a 'professional sleeper'... Read more

The Benefits of a Team Meeting

Team Meeting Team meetings, look forward to them or dread them, most businesses have regular Team Meetings. When planned and prepared... Read more

Options After School

Preparing for Life After School School – we either love it or we hate it! Either way, our school years eventually... Read more

Brainteaser Puzzles

Brainteasers A brainteaser is a type of puzzle that takes thought to resolve. Sometimes they may seem impossible, or for some,... Read more

Commonly asked Interview Questions

Commonly asked interview questions and how to prepare Attending an interview and answering difficult questions can be a very daunting process,... Read more

Handling Criticism in the Workplace

Receiving Criticism in the workplace Receiving constructive criticism from bosses or colleagues in the workplace can be upsetting or perhaps infuriating... Read more

Starting your own Business

Starting up There are many things to consider what starting up your own business and for it to be successful you... Read more

The Weirdest Interview Questions

We all know by now the interview questions we should be asking, but, there have also been some pretty odd... Read more

Motivational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

A Week of Quotes! We can all have a rough week and struggle with motivation. It is normal we are all... Read more

Walk to Work

Walk to and from work Think of all the mornings that you've experienced road rage, got caught in traffic or experienced... Read more

Why use a Recruitment Company on Your Job Search

Why use a Recruitment Company?! Employers hire Recruitment agencies to find candidates for their vacancies. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles,... Read more

Handy Hacks

Handy Hacks to Organise Your Desk We've put together some handy hacks to save your wires from getting in a twist.... Read more
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