Workplace Jargon… Motivating or irritating?

On days when you are feeling stressed, even the most innocent use of so called 'Office Jargon' can put your... Read more

Don’t Miss National Splurge Day!

A day to Splurge! Treat yourself and do a bit of what you fancy, guilt free... Coming up on Monday 18th... Read more

National Workaholic Day

Thursday 5th July marks this year's 'National Workaholic day'. A day to raise awareness of those who find it hard... Read more

Make the most of your lunch break

When your day at work is busy, its all too easy to disregard your lunch break. However, aside from the fact... Read more

How to settle into a new job quickly

Most of us find interviews to be the most daunting part of changing jobs. However, once you've got the job,... Read more

Facts: Strange But True!

Some quick fire random facts to make you think and brighten up your working day! Feeling a slump in your working... Read more

Kent Wildlife Trust

Earl Street Employment Consultants are very proud sponsors of Kent Wildlife Trust. This wonderful registered charity is the leading conservation... Read more

Strangest Email Addresses

Strangest Email Addresses   One thing we come across as a recruitment company is the sometimes strange choice of emails that people... Read more

It’s Holiday Season… here’s how to pack like a pro!

It's the beginning of holiday season, and many of us are thinking ahead to that wonderful week of the year... Read more

Clever tricks to repel bugs this summer

Most of us look forward to summer days of sunshine, alfresco dining and lovely long evenings. However, an inevitable drawback... Read more

Seven things we love about… Monday!

No, this title is not a typo!! Believe it or not, whilst many people suffer with Sunday night back to... Read more

Simple life hacks to streamline your morning routine

Do you groan when your alarm goes off in the morning, hit the snooze button five times, and then run... Read more
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