Coffee & Cake with a Cat!

Calling All Cat Lovers! Cat lovers, could you think of anything better than sitting in a cafe watching cute moggys playing... Read more

Handling Criticism in the Workplace

Receiving Criticism in the workplace Receiving constructive criticism from bosses or colleagues in the workplace can be upsetting or perhaps infuriating... Read more

Flower Facts

Flower Facts! Flower facts: For many years flowers have intrigued us with their unique beauty and lovely scents. We have put... Read more

Oops: CV and Email Bloopers!

Email and CV Bloopers! It's happened to the best of us, missing a full stop, comma or making a spelling error... Read more

Four Day Weekend Alert!

Keep Busy in Kent this Easter Bank Holiday  Easter is almost here, which means one thing... four day weekend! What will... Read more

Vitamins – The Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C - What is it & what does it do? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is essential in... Read more

Walk to Work

Walk to and from work Think of all the mornings that you've experienced road rage, got caught in traffic or experienced... Read more

Clocks Go Forward!

Clocks Change - British Summertime begins!  Everything you need to know about the clocks going forward. It's that time of year again... Read more

Well, that’s awkward!

Awkward Moments During Job Interviews There's nothing worse than being in an awkward situation especially in-front of a future employer. Let's face... Read more

Lunch Breaks Around the World

Lunch Around the World Uninspired for lunch ideas? To get your stomach grumbling again, here's an insight to lunch breaks around... Read more

Busy month of March!

Things to celebrate this March There is lots to look forward to this Month. The winter is almost over and Spring... Read more

Redundancy – Here’s where to start

Returning from Redundancy Redundancy can be stressful time and sends you into sheer panic mode when you're faced with the daunting... Read more
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