Burns Night|Earl Street Employment Consultants

Preparations are underway for Burns Night a celebration of the life and works of Robert Burns on January 25th. Here are... Read more

Brainteaser Month

January is National brainteaser month. A brainteaser is a type of puzzle that takes thought to resolve. Sometimes they may... Read more

The Benefits of a Team Meeting

Team Meeting Team meetings, look forward to them or dread them, most businesses have regular Team Meetings. When planned and prepared... Read more

Soup Month

Soup Month January is Soup Month, and when the cold weather is in full force, what better way to sit down... Read more

New Year- New Job |Earl Street Employment Consultants

The New Year can be the time of change and to look for new opportunities.  If you are thinking that... Read more

Most Viewed Jobs of 2018

The popular social media site Linkedin has just realised the top 25 most viewed jobs in 2018.  In total the... Read more

Funniest Lost and Found

Lost and found, the place of mislaid items.. some never to be recovered, here's some of the strangest.. Beloved pet Dexter... Read more

Unusual Jobs

There are certainly some unusual jobs in the world!  Here's just a few... Professional Sleeper A Finnish hotel hired a 'professional sleeper'... Read more

Random Day Off

You have an annual leave day left to take that you didn't know about, so you can have a random... Read more

Wages on the Rise

Wages on the Rise The number of people in employment are at historically high levels.  This also means we're seeing the... Read more

Hacked – Is your CV the Culprit?

If you have been hacked or are at risk from hackers here's some tips on what you could be doing... Read more

A day in the life of an Editor

What is an Editor? In summary, an Editor is someone that oversees a publication and its writers. An Editors job can... Read more
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