Successful Interviewing – A Recruiter’s Guide for Clients

Being an interviewer can be just as daunting as being interviewed!  Here are our tips on conducting a professional interview... Read more

New Year, Old Me

New Year, New Me; it feels like a distant memory right now but the real question is – have you... Read more

Returning to Work in 2021

Many have found themselves in between jobs or made redundant. The job hunt can be a very daunting prospect but... Read more

Should There be ‘Untruths’ on your CV?

  A recent survey from tech experts Crucial has revealed that 14% of Brits have lied about their technical skills on... Read more

New Career Decisions? Take a Personality Test!

It's becoming more and more popular for companies to issue personality tests for their staff and for potential candidates. What is... Read more

Common Superstitions

A superstition is a belief of a meaning behind a particular occurrence, circumstance or object. Superstitions are often supernatural beliefs... Read more

Autumn Walks in Kent

Autumn Walks Autumn is the perfect time of year for long walks in the countryside with your family, friends or dogs!... Read more

How to Find the Right Person for the Job in Ten Steps

  The time and cost of interviewing candidates for a job position can be substantial, then, to discover the new employee is unsuitable or they... Read more

Benefits of Work Experience

Work Experience Work experience is something most students get assigned during their time at school, college or university. Usually a week... Read more

The Weirdest Interview Questions

We all know by now the interview questions we should be asking, but, there have also been some pretty odd... Read more

Cheap, quick & tasty pack lunch ideas!

Quick & tasty pack lunch ideas! Eating out every single lunch time is costly and while we agree its important to... Read more

What to avoid when writing your CV

It is difficult to know what to avoid when writing your CV as the do's and don'ts' seems to change... Read more
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