Bizarre Job Titles

Bizarre Job Titles Searching for jobs should be an uplifting experience, here are a few unusual and amusing job titles we... Read more

How to turn down a Job Offer the Right Way

It can be awkward, uncomfortable and scary to turn down a job offer, but it is important to be courteous... Read more

Earl Street Employment Consultants Assessments

Assessments When you choose to register at Earl Street Employment Consultants (either as a temporary or permanent worker) you can do... Read more

How to Get your Dream Job

Be the Person you would want to Hire   Work Your Way Up Even if you don’t get hired for your dream job that... Read more

Funny & Witty Company Names

Funny & Witty Company Names Choosing a company name can be a tricky process. Companies usually want something that is meaningful, relevant and... Read more

Why use a Recruitment Agency?

Why use a Recruitment Agency? Employers hire Recruitment agencies to find candidates for their vacancies. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles,... Read more

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness is a very worthy topic of conversation this week with upcoming May 10th being Mental Health Awareness... Read more

1977: Earlstreet Employment Consultants 44 Years in Business

1977 In 1977 Elaine Craven opened Earl Street Employment Consultants on the second floor of 38 Earl Street with just one... Read more

Weirdest Job Adverts

As a recruitment agency we've seen some strange job adverts from time to time and are very mindful of how... Read more

Benefits of a Temporary Job

Whether you looking for a new challenge, just starting out in the world of work, or seeking a career change.... Read more

Historical Female Icons to be Celebrated

With so many inspirational females to choose from we have been reflecting on some of the most significant female icons throughout history who... Read more

Fun Facts from Earl Street

Fun Facts Below are some interesting, weird and quirky facts that you probably didn't know - so why not break your... Read more
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