Ways to create a positive working environment

It is easy to overlook how valuable a nurtured morale is within your company. But constantly promoting a positive working... Read more

How to turn down a job offer

It can be awkward, uncomfortable and scary to turn down a job offer, but it is important to be courteous... Read more

Working hours around the world

Working hours around the world vary. Each person, country and its work force are constantly facing a battle between spending... Read more

Working While in Education

Working While in Education   Are you considering working while in education? Although this can be beneficial, it is important to be... Read more

Change – Is It Time?

Change can be very scary, however,  the results of taking the plunge can be very beneficial.  Whether it’s a new... Read more

Motivational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

A Week of Quotes! We can all have a rough week and struggle with motivation. It is normal we are all... Read more

Starting up your own business

Starting up There are many things to consider what starting up your own business and for it to be successful you... Read more

The most in-demand jobs for 2020

In-demand Jobs for 2020   Do you have an eye for technology? Looking to start your career path? then these could be... Read more

Employment Rights – Do You Know Yours

Know Your Employment Rights Do you know your basic employment rights?  These are the standards that all employees should offer their... Read more

Are You Fit For Anything?

Are you fit for anything? We have all made great plans for healthy eating and ensuring we get our daily exercise... Read more

Can speaking a foreign language improve career options?

  All the answers point to yes! Learning a foreign language can only improve your career options, as far as we can... Read more

Offices Workers | What Type Are You?

Office Workers Most office workers are aware that they are full of lots of different personalities, so we've decided to break... Read more
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