Making the most of bad weather

Making the most of bad weather Although we're in the midst of summer, this doesn't mean that the UK is completely... Read more

Maximising your LinkedIn Profile

Maximising your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn: what's it all about, and how do I maximise my LinkedIn profile? Is it even worth... Read more

Top post-interview questions to ask

Top post-interview questions to ask A few months ago we posted some advice on how to prepare for interviews and we... Read more

The Garden of England

For hundreds of years Kent has been called the garden of England. We hear this phrase so often that we... Read more

Earl Street: Recruitment Changes

In 1977 Elaine Craven opened Earl Street Employment Consultants on the second floor of 38 Earl Street with just one... Read more

Options After School

Setting Up for Life After School School – we either love it or we hate it! Either way, our school years... Read more

Staycation: UK Getaways!

UK Getaways! Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation! Enjoying a fantastic holiday does not have to mean jetting off to a... Read more

Common sayings: True or False?

True or False?! Is there any truth in the age old sayings? The toast always lands butter side down  Not necessarily true, it... Read more

Cheers to Gin & Tonic

Gin and tonic is back on the bar menu! Recently becoming the 'trendy' drink it has been revived with an... Read more

Handy Hacks

Handy Hacks to Organise Your Desk We've put together some handy hacks to save your wires from getting in a twist.... Read more

A Tribute to Bertie

A tribute to Bertie the Earl Street Office dog, who is missed by everyone who knew him.   Bertie was a Springbatt,... Read more

Attract Wildlife to your Garden

Bring wildlife into your garden by providing four sources: food, water, shelter and a place to breed. Attract life to... Read more
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