Successful Interviewing – A Recruiter’s Guide for Candidates (Part 1)

“Besides getting several paper cuts in the same day or receiving the news that someone in your family has betrayed... Read more

Redundancy – Here’s where to start

Returning from Redundancy Redundancy can be stressful time and sends you into sheer panic mode when you're faced with the daunting... Read more

Oops: CV and Email Bloopers!

Email and CV Bloopers! It's happened to the best of us, missing a full stop, comma or making a spelling error... Read more

Bizarre Job Titles

Bizarre Job Titles Searching for jobs should be an uplifting experience, here are a few unusual and amusing job titles we... Read more

How to turn down a Job Offer the Right Way

It can be awkward, uncomfortable and scary to turn down a job offer, but it is important to be courteous... Read more

Earl Street Employment Consultants Assessments

Assessments When you choose to register at Earl Street Employment Consultants (either as a temporary or permanent worker) you can do... Read more

How to Get your Dream Job | Earl Street Employment Consultants

Be the Person you would want to Hire   Work Your Way Up Even if you don’t get hired for your dream job that... Read more

Funny & Witty Company Names | Earl Street Employment Consultants

Funny & Witty Company Names Choosing a company name can be a tricky process. Companies usually want something that is meaningful, relevant and... Read more

Why use a Recruitment Agency? | Earl Street Employment Consultants

Why use a Recruitment Agency? Employers hire Recruitment agencies to find candidates for their vacancies. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles,... Read more

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness is a very worthy topic of conversation this week with upcoming May 10th being Mental Health Awareness... Read more

Weirdest Job Adverts

As a recruitment agency we've seen some strange job adverts from time to time and are very mindful of how... Read more

Benefits of a Temporary Job

Whether you looking for a new challenge, just starting out in the world of work, or seeking a career change.... Read more
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