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Posted by on May 29, 2018

Feeling Stressed? Read on for some top tips that you may not have thought of….

Do you wake up each morning feeling stressed, and spend your day in a frantic whirlwind not really achieving much? Is your ‘to do’ list out of control leaving you feeling like you are drowning?

Sadly, stress seems to be part of everyday life these days, but it shouldn’t be! So if you’re feeling the pressure at work and juggling a busy lifestyle, why not try some of our simple tips for eliminating stress that you may not have thought of before:

Peel an orange or a lemon. The smell of citrus reduces the feeling of stress.

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Walk with a spring in your step. If you walk as if you’re happy, you will feel happier.

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Spend some time around horses. Why not take riding lessons or rent a horse for a few hours per week. Recent studies have shown that riding, or even just grooming horses can relieve stress.

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Think of your life as a film and make up some funny lines you would put in if you were the director. It might sound silly but it could help make light of a hard day!

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Go outside. Even if its for a few minutes while you eat lunch. It may seem basic, but taking some deep breaths can truly help relieve stress.

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Plan a holiday somewhere you have always wanted to go. Spend time planning it, such as saving up and choosing new clothes. Having a focus will help stress seem less significant.

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Look up a few motivational memes at the beginning of the day. Cheesy as they can be, they might just inspire you and kickstart you into a day of progress, or at least make you smile!

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So keep stress at bay and be the best that you can be everyday! 


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